Models of Noah’s Ark

Not only can technology be used to make our lives easier, to destroy, to construct, but, technology can also be used to create; and to imagine. In the Bible, we know the dimensions, the number of floors, and there’s a mention of one window and one door. The rest is up to us to imagine. And that’s exactly what some model makers have done. They’ve created insanely detailed and complete models of what they believe Noah’s Ark might have looked like.

Here’s what one of the model makers had to say:

“I write 3D computer software (for the UK ) and model in 3D for a real-estate company in the US. I’m a born-again Christian who has been pastoring a church in the Seychelles (we’re taking a break for now). My wife, Pam, is Seychellois whereas I’m from England. We have 3 children; Shem(6), Rebekah(3) and Esther(1) who are a handful! I’ve been living in Seychelles for the past 13 years. Thought you might be interested in wandering around a high-detailed version of Noah’s ark that includes Noah’s living quarters and a couple of elephants.”

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